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For centuries, people have sought tranquility, nature and healing treatments to mend the body, mind and spirit.

At The Carneros Inn, tranquility and nature are provided by our vineyard setting and abundant farmlands, and our spa adds healing through the best treatments, products and caring, experienced therapists.

Our treatments are divided into three categories: the farms; the vineyards; and the gardens. Each represents effects of the particular spa service. 


Indulge in a pampering massage for the ultimate in relaxation.

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LAVENDER & VINE - Signature Swedish

Our signature, medium pressure massage is designed to relax and revive. Using the finest organic lavender-rich in nerve soothing esters-this massage will leave you in a state of deep relaxation and balance.

30 minutes / $100
60 minutes / $165
90 minutes / $240


This service pairs powerful, restorative herbs with the most effective therapeutic massage techniques. Our signature herbal salve targets spots where tension and inflammation accumulate. Then a stimulating, mustard oil prepares the body for deep massage and neuro-muscular trigger point techniques.

30 minutes / $100
60 minutes / $165
90 minutes / $240

THE QUINCE ESSENTIAL - Anti-oxidant, anti-stress

Quince has many times the anti-oxidant power of green tea and soothes the skin and reduces allergic inflammation. Our signature quince lotion is rich and skin nourishing, and will help unwind patterns of tension and stress.

60 minutes / $165
90 minutes / $240

THE OLIVE CLEANSE - Lymphatic support

To keep you in tip-top condition, Swedish and lymphatic techniques are used to support the body's own cleansing mechanisms. The process is aided by a blend of organic botanicals that have been used traditionally to support liver function, tone and strengthen vascular tissue, and to boost circulation.

60 minutes / $165
90 minutes / $240

ABYHANGA - Ayurveda meets California

This indigenous version of an ancient technique combines Ayurvedic wisdom with California farm to table wellness. An aromatic oil, customized to balance your personal constitution, combines with a sequence of deliciously relaxing strokes to harmonize your energies and bring deep relaxation.

75 minutes / $195

THE FORAGER - Custom massage

Gather your own botanical bouquet for a massage tailored to your tastes and needs. With guidance, select from our range of organic essential oils and potent botanical extracts to create a signature experience uniquely your own. You may even take a bottle home if you fall in love with your creation.

75 minutes / $185
105 minutes / $275

HONEY BEE HEALTHY - Luxury from beyond the hive

Gentle dry-brushing and massage with our anti-oxidant-rich honey & quince lotion create a luxurious treat for the skin. Also includes a purifying beeswax mask on the back, a delicious foot massage with honey and goat milk balm, and, for the décolleté and face, an apricot and wild rose facial massage.

90 minutes / $275


The radiant heat of basalt rocks targets and unwinds muscle knots and tensions in this classic massage. The warmth also aids penetration of our inflammation soothing arnica oil, easing discomfort throughout the body. We end with a gentle, lifting face massage using cooled marble stones and wild rose facial serum.

90 minutes / $250

THE GRAVIDA - Pre-natal massage

With a blend of mother and baby-safe oils to nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, you will enjoy a relaxing massage which releases tired muscles. Emotionally calming and deeply nourishing for your skin, this massage will help you enjoy your body and bring you into a state of peaceful contentment.

60 minutes / $165
90 minutes / $240

Lavender & Vine and TCI Herbal Theraputic are offered in-room for an additional charge per person.


Our signature hot oil hair and scalp experience is a deeply relaxing and highly conditioning treatment. The peace-inducing scent of wild vetiver will carry you deep inside, as kukui nut oil leaves hair strengthened and wonderfully lustrous.

15 minutes / $35
30 minutes / $65


An indulgent 3-part scalp treatment with rose, jasmine and magnolia that stimulates the scalp and protects and softens hair.

15 minutes / $40
30 minutes / $75


Add our beeswax and coconut deep conditioning mask to your massage or body treatment. Hot towel compresses aid absorption of the refining oils into the skin of the back, while moist heat melts tension from muscles.

within treatment / $15


Depleted magnesium can lead to low energy, insomnia, cramping and muscle fatigue. Magnesium is most easily absorbed through the skin, and with it being one of the most essential minerals in our bodies, this treatment addition is an ideal way to feel its benefits.

within treatment / $15


Add a penetrating, soothing foot massage to your service. Extracts of arnica and mint reduce pain and inflammation, while refreshing overworked feet. Includes reflex zone pressure massage to balance energy flow throughout the body.

15 minutes / $40
30 minutes / $75


Our natural body treatments will leave you feeling vibrant and relaxed.

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Keep your skin looking its best with one of our custom facial treatments.

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Enhance your inner glow or get ready for your special day.

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Treat your hands and feet with our all-natural manicures and pedicures.

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Work out at our fitness center or at one of our professionally-led classes.

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